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The first ever power rack for a weight bench with built in gravity release for safety and MAXX performance. Here you are purchasing a rack without the bench. Use this rack with the Maxx flat bench .The possibilities are endless.

The Maxx Bench allows you to complete the most important final repetitions to make the biggest gains. It allows you to press the limits, and more importantly, press YOUR limits – without ever putting yourself at risk.

Every weight lifter that has ever been on a free weight bench press knows the feeling of maximum fatigue. You also know these final reps are the most important in your workout and must be attempted. You have pushed out every last repetition and there is no way you can get the barbell off your chest … until now. With our patent pending safety technology, the Maxx Bench lowers you out of harms way after you have pressed yourself to the absolute limit.

This particular product is ONLY rack without bench.

Please note:Bar and Weights are not included.