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Xtreme Monkey Limited Edition Wood Plyo Box

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Xtreme Monkey 3-in-1 Wood Plyometrics Box

When you take the terms innovative and effective and throw in the fact that a product is visually appealing, there's no doubt that you're referring to the Xtreme Monkey Limited Edition Wood Plyo Box!

This new product has all of the functions of a well built plyometric box, with the added bonus of a sharp and very attractive appearance. The black paint and wood grain really make this product pop and stand out. Of course, when it comes to exercise, a product has to be just as effective as it is good looking, and that's why this particular plyo box is a winner in every aspect whether its functionality or looks!

This is a Limited Edition product, so get one while you can!


Wooden Plyometric Boxes are sometimes preferred to traditional metal boxes as they are lighter in weight and still durable. Plyometric Boxes, Plyo boxes for short, are boxes of varying heights that are a type of exercise designed to produce fast and powerful movements. Plyometric training refers to any form of exercise that improves speed, movement, strength, and jumping ability. It involves explosive muscle movement such as jumping. Plyometric boxes and exercises produce muscular development through powerful and explosive movements that allows maximum exertion of muscles in short bursts.

Product Dimensions: 20” x 24” x 30”

  • Reinforced Wooden Core
  • Bevelled Hand Slots
  • Quick Set-Up, Simply Flip Box Over to Desired Height
  • Build Explosive Strength
  • Used by Performance Athletes
  • Increase Speed
  • Includes hardware for assembly


Assembly required - Comes packed flat to reduce cost of shipping.

Camlock screws